Communicants Class

Communicants Class

October 7th & 14th from 10:00AM to 12:00PM.

Our next Communicants Class will take place on the first two Saturdays in October at the Church Property.

This Class will be led by Elder Ed Kelley for those children whose parents believe they are ready for the Lord’s Table.  Please be sure to sign up and address any questions to Elder Ed in person or at

What is a communicant?

“Communicant” comes from a Latin word that means “to share with.” It’s been used for centuries as a title for those who share the Lord’s Supper together.

We believe that the Lord’s Supper is a profound ritual, bringing the grace of God to believers. The Lord’s Supper is a sharing in the sacrifice of Jesus, publicly professing our faith in him and reliance on his grace. So a communicant is one who takes the Lord’s Supper with the Church.

Why do we have a communicants class?

While children of believers are considered part of the visible church, they are non-communing members (do not participate in the Lord’s Supper) until they personally own and profess faith in Jesus.

To assist parents in leading their children through this ownership of faith, we want to provide training for the children of communing members so that they clearly understand the gospel, their relationship to God, and what God is doing in this world through his Church. That’s why we provide a Communicants Class.

After completing this class, children profess their faith in Christ before the elders and declare their faith by participating in communion with the church. They become full “communing members” of our church. It is a deeply sacred and meaningful rite of passage in the life of a covenant child.