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9:30AM Sunday School

Current Series: 1 Corinthians Paul Converses with the Manosphere 9-24-2023 This series is being taught by Keith Turner. See our Sunday School page to listen in on past classes or watch the lessons live on our Facebook page.

Communicants Class

Our next COMMUNICANTS CLASS will take place on the first two Saturdays in October at the Church Property. October 7th & 14th from 10:00AM to 12:00PM. This Class will be led by Elder Ed Kelley for those children whose parents believe they are ready for the Lord’s Table.  Please be sure to sign up and address any questions to Elder Ed in person or at…

SMPC Membership Class

This Membership Class will take place (4) consecutive Sundays during the Sunday School hour at 9:30a until 10:15a. Please sign up at the back of Sanctuary or contact Church Office to register.