Who We Are

Who We Are

SMPC Congregation

We are a Reformed congregation and member of the Presbyterian Church in America. This means we belong to a community of believers with congregations across the USA and Canada which identify with the church reformation movement of the 17th century. We are all committed to God’s Word and recognize as our official statement of teaching the historic Westminster Confession of Faith, which was written by believers in England between 1644-1649.


Spring Meadows Presbyterian Church exists to bring the resources of the historic Christian faith to bear on the city so that Christ may be known, loved, served, and worshipped, resulting in a spiritual, social, economic, and cultural difference in the quality of life in Las Vegas.

Gospel and Culture

The challenge in Western culture is to address the sheer ignorance of the Gospel on the one hand (Neo-Paganism and Postmodernism), and the distortions and caricatures of the Gospel on the other hand (Moralism, Legalism).  The teaching and embodying of the Historic Christian Message (the Gospel) is the answer to these challenges.  Our emphasis will be that only in Christ are we finally right with God and have the answer to our pathologies, our dashed hopes and dreams, and our deepest longings for acceptance, significance and approval.