9:30 Adult Sunday School

9:30 Adult Sunday School

Sunday School Outlines / Handouts

What Should the Church Do with UFOs? (Ryan Roper)


Union with Christ 11-19-2023 (Ron Warren)


11-12-2023 The Ruling Elder (Richard Salinas)


Self Examination and the Assurance of Grace and Salvation Handout 11-5-2023 (Taught by Paul Hiles)


10-29-2023 Reformed Mission Work in the Philippines (Nate Sonner)


History Behind the Westminster Confession of Faith 10-22-2023 (Taught by Rick Vetanovetz)


Presbyterian Polity Handout 10-15-2023 (Taught by Christian Bland)


Spiritual Discipline: PRAYER 10-8-2023 (Taught by Andy Crawford)


Previous Series: 1 Corinthians (Taught by Keith Turner)

1 Corinthians 7 The Gifts of Marriage and Singleness 10-1-2023

1 Corinthians Paul Converses with the Manosphere 9-24-2023

1 Corinthians 9 How Much Should We Pay Our Pastor? 9-17-2023

1 Corinthians Overview Outline 9-10-2023


Previous Series: Order of Salvation (Taught by Christian Bland)

Perseverance and Glorification 8-27-2023

Sanctification Handout 8-20-2023

Justification & Adoption Handout 8-13-2023

Calling & Faith Handout 8-6-2023

Introduction and Union vs. Order 7.30.2023

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