Session, Diaconate & Staff

Session, Diaconate & Staff

Spring Meadows Presbyterian Church through the Session (Teaching and Ruling Elders) along with the Diaconate aims to serve both the membership of Spring Meadows and also the greater Las Vegas community.

Teaching Elder & Pastor

Tim Posey

Pastor Tim Posey has been a teaching elder for most of his adult life.  A native Tennessean, Pastor Tim graduated with his MDIV from Reformed Theological Seminary in Jackson. He has pastored three churches and planted two churches.  He planted Spring Meadows Church in Las Vegas in 1988 and has prayed for the physical and spiritual growth of his congregation ever since.

Ruling Elders

Ed Kelley
David McGuire
Dan Phillips
Rick Vetanovetz
Guy Williams

The ruling elders of Spring Meadows Church support the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of the congregation through such acts as praying for and providing counseling to the people of Spring Meadows, making hospital visits to those who are ill, and providing phone support for members in need of guidance. The elders’ duties also include supporting and assisting the Pastor in the work of Spring Meadows, meeting monthly as part of the Session, meeting with brother elders and deacons to discuss the administration of the church, pray for the congregation, and to attend to the needs and challenges facing Spring Meadows.


David Gonzales
Walt Kwasniewski

Mark Love
Joe Schmid

Acting under the supervision and authority of the Session, the deacons of Spring Meadows Church serve to minister to those who are in need, to the sick, to the friendless, and to any who may be in distress. They are charged with the development of the grace of liberality in the members of the church, and to appropriately collect and distribute the gifts of the people. They take care of the property of the congregation, both real and personal, and ensure all property of the congregation is kept in proper repair.

Office Staff

Office Administrator Chimaine Shadd

Custodial Care Walt Kwasniewski

If you have any personal needs whether it be pastoral, private counseling, specific church ceremony requests, or anything else we might be able to help you with, please contact our church office, so that we can best serve you.