Ladies Fall Bible Study

Ladies Fall Bible Study

Reflections on Fall bible Study: In All Things

The consensus of our Wednesday morning Bible Study group was that it was one of the best studies we have done in recent memory. Why? Just to start, the layout made the study very
easy—having the scripture under consideration printed in the book itself was so helpful.
The author’s daily layout of helping us each use the 3-step method of “Observation, Interpretation, and Application” helped us organize our thoughts and remember the
points that were being made, as well as leading to a lot of participation by each attendee.
Her personal examples were relatable and memorable. Her choice of quotes at the beginning of each chapter were always thought-provoking. And finally, her last lesson had us look through the entire book of Philippians and write down “Truths to Believe,” and “Exhortations to Live Out” for each chapter, which had the effect of summarizing the whole book. Overall, it was an interesting and well-written study that brought us to the final conclusion that: “Our desire for joy is ultimately a desire for Jesus.” (p. 205) 5 STARS to “In All Things” by Melissa B. Kruger!
— Jane Russell

It’s Fall Y’all – Let’s fall deeper in Love with our Savior together!

Sign up for the Fall Bible Study, Books are $5.

Bible Studies begin the last week of the 26th. Contact the Leaders for confirmation.

Tuesdays 6:30PM > SMPC

Led by: Jessica Salinas & Rebecca U.

Wednesdays 10:00AM > SMPC

Led by Barb Kalb & Jane Russell 

Wednesdays 6:00PM > ZOOM

Led by Shawnee Vetanovetz

Thursdays 10:00AM > SMPC *Childcare provided*

Led by Terri Kelley & Rachael Rabe